Lakshadweep is a perfect holiday destination with picturesque viewpoints and landscapes all around. The greenery, palm grooves, azure lagoons, pristine sunlit beaches, mesmerizing coral reefs and starlit nights are a treat for the eyes.

This beautiful landscape is located off the coast of Kerala in the Arabian Sea. The aerial view of these islands is breathtaking. Only a few islands of Lakshadweep are inhabited and just 5 are accessible for tourism. This is deliberately done to preserve the rich natural habitat of the islands. The islands and islets of Lakshadweep are abundant in tropical vegetation with the warm and breathable weather. The locals are welcoming and show great hospitality.



Bangaram Island is known for its beautiful palm grooves, mesmerizing sand beaches and the thrilling adventure sports.
The island has no local inhabitants and adventurists flock here for scuba diving. You can enjoy some amazing luxurious accommodation on this island. Take tour packages along with coral reefs and adventure sports, and you’ll truly enjoy your visit here.
Get here by the chopper service that is itself an adventure and enjoy the most that this island has to offer.


Lakshadweep Islands require a permit before you enter the territories. We need to apply for permission to the authorities of Lakshadweep before you visit the islands beforehand.

You can get here either by chopper, flight or ship from Kochi, Kerala that will be arranged by our staffs. 

Our team will pick you up at Kochi at pre decieded time and everything else will be arranged for you.

The best time to visit Lakshadweep is from October to mid-May. Traveling and exploring these islands is difficult during the monsoons (mid-May to September).


As alcohol is banned at Lakshadweep you won’t find any pubs at this destination. Only Bangaram Island allows alcohol.
But, you can spend some quality time with family and friends in our comfortable stays where a warm barbeque along with folk dance performances are arranged for the entertainment of yours.
Also stargaze the clear night sky and enjoy your momrnts. Else just chill, relax and sleep peacefully!

Get ready to carve new stories and memories of a remarkable trip to Lakshadweep with us.