Many people want to live this experience, but this is not for everyone, this is a special trip just for those physically fit and able to endure a week of fishing demanding as this.

Our aim is to put anglers on a superb fishing experience in these pristine waters and experience the local fishermen's life and deep knowledge of the waters when they go out on fishing expeditions - sleeping under the stars, enjoying coconuts freshly harvested from islands, eating freshly-caught fish, leaving as little a footprint as possible but taking home wonderful memories.



We have pioneered popping nabbing one of its atolls, could only make the south, was so frantic activity that did not need to move more, there are many miles for fish and some other atoll which has never fallen popper. Day trips with accommodation in cottages at the resort island of Bangaram. You will be fishing the surrounding reefs and atolls and return to the cottages every evening.


Our best fishing areas in extreme north or south and anglers live on local boat. as we will set off the previous evening to reach before sunrise the next day to maximize your fishing times. As our fishing grounds are far from cell networks and are extremely remote it's mandatory to run 2 boats carrying a maximum of 2-3 anglers each boat for comfort.