If you are looking forward for team bonding activities and group travel, GoCOCOLAND might be the best place.

We provide tailored experience for corporates who are looking for team bonding and activities to increase the productivity and let the team relax for a while far away from the hustles and busy cities. reach out to us directly and we will arrange the never fading memories for your team.



Head to this place with your team to relax and make bonds that lasts forever. We bring your team closer to mother nature and maybe they find serenity and purpose. Travelling here can help your team to increase their productivity and to learn how beautiful our nature is and how can we protect it. The purity of this place has enforced amazing changes so far.


We try to make peace between nature and humans, with corporate team building exercises and events we can provide a peaceful yet powerful experience that will stick to thier memories for a lifetime. Realxing and chilling together with the awesomeness of this place can bring the team together and allow them to know each other better than they ever have.